Deluxe Stone Castle High Quality Drinking Horn

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Each drinking horn has been individually hand worked to give you the best horn possible.
Every horn has been pressure cleaned inside and out, edges have been rounded for safe easy drinking
and the inside has been spray lacquered to give a clean water proof seal.
The outside then has extensive polishing to bring a beautiful high gloss finish to the horn.
Then only when it passes a rigorous Stone Castle inspection it is ready for you.


Deluxe Stone Castle High Quality Multi Coloured Drinking Horn With Leather Holder


Size - Medium - Available with Black or Brown Holder


These deluxe multi coloured drinking horns come with a quality leather hand made holder so they can be easily worn on your belt
to be carried to the tavern, or worn round the camp. It can also be hung up for easy storage when not in use.
The quality of these horns are outstanding and with the beautiful colours they come in they also look great


A horn is a natural product and no two horns will be the same, so every horn is unique in shape and colour.
Our medium size horns are approximately 14" long and hold 3/4 to 1 pint - but as a natural product this can vary.

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